ZX Evolution is ZX-Spectrum compatible computer. Computer based on programmable logic device
Altera EP1K50Q208 and has flexible architecture, but board content original main chips (Z80,
sound coprocessor AY, floppy drive controller).
ZX Evolution board designed by mini-ITX standard for easy installation to mini-ITX, mATX or ATX


  • Z80 3.5 MHz (classic mode)/ 7 MHz (turbo mode without CPU wait circles)/ 14 MHz (mega turbo with CPU wait circles);
  • 4 Mb RAM, 512Kb ROM;
  • MiniITX board (172x170mm), 2 ZXBUS slots, power ATX or +5,+12V;
  • Based on fpga (Altera EP1K50);
  • Peripheral MCU ATMEGA128;
  • PS/2 keyboard and mouse support;
  • Floppy (WDC1793) Beta-disk compatible interface, IDE (one channel, up to 2 devices on master/slave mode), SD(HC) card, RS232;
  • Video out: RGB, VGA (scandoubler);
  • Sound: AY, Beeper, Covox (PWM);
  • Original keyboard and joystick support;
  • Tape interface (in/out);
  • Real-time clock.
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